Push Up Bar

Push Up Bar

Push Up Bar

Push Up Bar - SGD $10.00



Push Up Bar Exercise

Push Upare an effective upper-body exercise that build muscular strength and endurance in the chest, shoulders and triceps. Push-up bars offer one way to alter the classic style to increase intensity and help with the discomfort sometimes experienced with the exercise using bare hands on the ground.

One of the most common and least expensive push-up bar is a pair of these S shape bars featuring very soft sponge on the grip making it so comfortable to wrap your fingers around each of the bars to perform your push-up.

Push-Up Bars help you neutralize the wrist angle so there is less pressure put on the joints. Without that pain, you might be able to perform more push-ups than you normally would with your palms flat on the floor. The bars also help you increase your range of motion, allowing you to go deeper into the push-up. Adjust the position push-up bars to target your chest, triceps and shoulders in different ways. Put the bars right by your ribs with your knuckles facing you to emphasize the triceps, or place them wider than your shoulders to put greater emphasis on the fronts of the shoulders.

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