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Boxing Glove - MMA Glove

MMA Glove


MMA Gloves - $45.00


Color - Black or Red Available


Best Deals in Town !  (Limited Qty Only)





Boxing GlovesBoxing Gloves
Boxing GlovesBoxing Gloves


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MMA Training Gloves

This is the best boxing glove you should use for your training. We specially selected this for its quality. Just about every boxer has a pair of gloves that they use for all training purposes. When you go buy boxing gloves, you will see many different kinds advertised. The only ones you really need are TRAINING GLOVESor SPARRING GLOVES. Basically, training gloves can be used for all types of boxing training like hitting the bags and sparring.

The size and type of boxing gloves you use will depend on your weight and purpose. For what you have in general, the medium size would go along well with people of weight 65kg below, and the large size would be for above 65kg. But if you have a really broad hand, you should go for the large size.



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