Wall Mounted Punching Bag

Wall Mounted Punching Bag

Wall Mounted Punch Bag


P410 - Wall Mounted Punching Bag - Price $38.00


Sold as Empty Bag - Need to fill with sand.

Bag Size - 40cm x 40cm

Color - White Canvas


Wall Mounted Punch Bag


This training would helps you strengthen your bones and toughness of the fist.





Wall Mounted Punch Bag

   Methods of Training - Wall Mounted Punching Bag     

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Wall Mounted Punching Bag

A Wall Mounted punch bag generally are filled with sand, outer covering are make of canvas material, usually rough in surface. A key benefit of this type of system is that it encourages the boxer to train the fist, usually punch with a hang wrap. For strengthen ones bones and toughness of the fist. Point to note is always find a solid wall to mount the punch bag. On trees are also a good option.

In todays modern world, we find people love this punch bag for stress relief. Physical activity helps to bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. After some workout, you feel really good.



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